Wither In Darkness/Thrive In Light
1) Wither In Darkness (Instrumental)
2) The Guilt
3) The Hero And The Heel
4) Ghost
5) With Or Without You
6) Thrive In Light (Instrumental)
7) Believe
8) Get Up
9) Everybody Knows
10) My Successor
11) 6.23.12Released in 2013. Vocals on Track 7 by Frank e. Fitz.Notes:

Wither In Darkess/Thrive in Light isn’t exactly a concept album, however, there is an intentional flow. The album starts off dark and depressing. Lyrically, the first few songs are about loss and some of the more negative feelings we all deal with. By the middle, the songs are more about acceptance, before getting to the second half of the track listing, where the songs tend to be about positive thinking and realizing the good things we have in life.

As with the previous recordings, WIDTIL features songs written, recorded, re-written and re-recorded over several years. However, there is only one guest appearance this time around. Thanks to Frank e. for his vocals on Believe.

Unapologetically Pop Vol.2: Songs For The Lowest Common Denominator
1) If I Loved Like I Was Losing You
2) Oh Well
3) Insanity Is My Plea
4) Becoming The Human
5) There Will Be Blood
6) Nameless
7) Unapologetically Pop (Remix)Released in 2011. Vocals on Tracks 1,7 by Mat Drew. Vocals on Track 4 by Frank E. Fitz. Vocals on Track 5 by Jesse Verleye. Additional guitar on Track 6 by Kyle Jubenville.Notes:

These are the songs that were originally intended to part of a full-length with volume one, however, needed the most work when the time came to choose which songs would end up on the EP. It took awhile to put out volume two because I kept writing new stuff. But I have this thing where I feel like I have to release everything that’s been recorded. So, I went back and finished these up and put ’em out.

The subtitle, Songs For The Lowest Common Denominator, is again aimed as a reflection of society. Not so much making fun of people that are fans of pop music (catchy music), but poking fun at music snobs who look down on anyone who enjoys mainstream music. In my estimation, if one million people like the same song, someone somewhere is doing something right.

Unapologetically Pop Vol.1: Music To Cut Yourself To
1) Unapologetically Pop
2) It’s Called The Past For A Reason, Darling
3) Some Things Change
4) Don’t Cry
5) I Don’t Hate You Like I Used ToReleased in 2009. Additional vocals on Tracks 1,4 by Mat Drew.Notes:

The recording process had been going on for about two years, with many changes in my life happening during this time (including the birth of my son). As many as a dozen songs were in the works by the spring of 2009, and at that point, I decided to put out an EP instead of a full-length, to at least get something out.

The subtitle, Music To Cut Yourself, is a tongue-in-cheek reflection of society at the time, as the so-called “emo” movement was going strong. The album cover obviously points to the title as being humourous, as opposed to literal.


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