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It’s been a few years in the making, but Wither In Darkness/Thrive In Light is finally streaming, free on the Internet. Visit the Discography to see the details and listen to the songs right on this website via the Soundcloud player.

You can now find Nikki Ninedoors on ReverbNation.


Wither In Darkness/Thrive In Light

Last December, Part II of Unapologetically Pop finally hit the store shelves (or the backseat of my car, ready to be handed out when any interest presents itself). Since that time, a whole new batch of songs and partly-written ideas have been in the works. A year later, these songs are still not ready to go. Ya, a little bit lazy, but also, working hard to learn the recording craft a bit better. I already know I like the songs (and know they are some of the best songs I’ve ever written). But hopefully taking some extra time on the overall production and songwriting will gain me a few likes from others. If not, that’s cool too.